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"Temple in the City" dcuments how faith is revived in streets of Seville, Spain during Holy Week 

Every year since the oldest Brotherhood "La Cofradia del Silencio" first processed in 1356, the people of Seville have celebrated this deeply moving and unifying Christian fesitval. Christian celebration of Semana Santa has survived all the schisms internal and external of the  Catholic Church even the final schism between the Protestant and Catholic Church of the Renaissance. Semana Santa has survived the the  never ceasing onslaught of Islam and the anarchist and communist attacts of the Spanish Civil War. It continues to thrive in the face of modern political attempts to discredit Christianity. All have failed to quench the flame of faith in this city."Temple in the City" attempts to peek into the soul of timeless Christian hope.


As Christ and his passion was real, so are the the elaborate images, weighing over a 1000 pounds that are born upon the backs of  teams of Spanish men throughout the country. The images tell the story of Christ's passion and are devotionals that bring that passion to life reviving faith in the hearts of the people. Great pride is taken such that only the best and most beautiful  represents the Word Incarnate who by his life, death, and resurrection freed mankind forever.  

The trailer will be posted on this website soon 

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