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Emancipation's  stars

 amazing score: "Strange Fruit" sung by The Haunted Windchimes

Talent, hard work, Character and dedication best describe our cast

small pictures from top to bottom  left to right : Ampy Koranteng plays Robinson the real hero, Jude Moran plays the wicked twins, here as Judge Jackson, heartless and mean. Guest star and western classic actor Robert Dryer as the Bailiff. Introducing the lovely Marion Jones, the heroine Lunette, saved by the sacrifice of her true love. The very questiionable district attorney Forlin played by Jack Forcinito.  Jude Moran as the other brother, Doc.  Center ,  Mario Barra a man who gets himself into a situation.  Daniel Grey of Greywolf Ranch, Victor Colorado plays Chief Lefthand. Herschell Mair plays the saintly Fr. Machebeuf, first Catholic Bishop of Colorado, low center: one of Chief Left Hand's henchmen played by Butterfly Garcia. Jack Sanders and Wyatt Buckley looking out the window.

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