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Adapted for the Screen by  David Schutt, Jessica Jones-Carson and Gualberto Garcia Jones.


This dark comedy is influenced by the styles of mythical greats like Terry Gilliam and Julie Taymor. Endeavor Pics has recreated a Mark Twain fantasy world and peppered it with Twain's eccentric friends including the genius of electro-magnetism, Nikola Tesla.


The film was shot in the amazing historic environment of Victor, Colorado. Hats off to our  many friends in Victor. 


All our our crew and cast are local Coloradans:

Director: O Wilberforce

Starring:  Jude Moran as Mark himself.

Jordan Leigh as Mark's not so pretty conscience.

Co-starring: Carla Kaiser Kotrc and Annabelle Hafey










Cinematographer: The ineffable Laffrey Witbrod

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