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Endeavor aspires to represent Christ's Mercy in film

This beautiful story is adapted from a popular Peruvian folksong. Listen to our version

"LA CARTA" or "THE LETTER", is film about a orphan who finds God's mercy in a good man.


"La Carta" tells the story of little boy who wants to send his recently deceased mother a letter. He decides to use a kite to take that letter up to the heavens where she undoubtedly now resides.  Filmed on site in the beautiful off-the-beaten track town of Motupe in northern Peru, the film has an original score and utilizes local talent to bring the story to life.   The whole town got behind this sweet story and its uplifting and gentle message. 


The town of Motupe hosts one of the biggest devotionals of the Andes "The Cross of Motupe" one of three crosses hidden in caves throughout the Andes by an itinerate monk who bore them there on his back. He hoped that all three would eventually be found when the people needed their protection. The holy monk hoped that his penance would help bring God's mercy to the people.  In our story and that of many pilgrims it does. 

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