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For all of us Westerners  "Emancipation" was a work of love.

Colorado is the cornerstone of the Western

"Emancipation" is an Original story,  script and score set in Victor, CO and filmed in Santa Fe, NM

Directed by Devin Hume. Screen play by Devin Hume and Gualberto Garcia-Jones. Produced by Endeavor Films (Emancipationthefilm LLC). Cinematography by Per Wigand. Sound and Production Design by Paul Sitzman aka. Paul. Unit Production Manager and 1st AD: Gregory Nemer. Camera and DT  team: Per Wigand, Chris Leising, James Drake (5K Insight) Alex Grey.  2nd AD: Jamie Pelz, Lighting and Grips : Serious Grippage: Greg Eichman, Seth Tonk, Jeremy Gee, Julian Boice, Diego Rodriquez, Jake Sonstag, Butterfly Garcia, Johannes Frohlich. Art director and team: Adam Padilla, Chris Canfield, Pablo Garcia Barot, Nathan Trumbull. Makeup: Lilly von Isenberg.  Costume Design and assistant, Eva Juzwiak Saunders Brittany Buckley. Arms specialist: Jack Saunders. Script girl :Amanda Chacon. Stunts and animal handlers: Greywolf Ranch's Daniel Grey, Christine Wadkowski and Dustin Blevins.  Editors: Devin Hume and Seth Tonk. Still photographer: Abbey Koshak.  PA and Transportation: Jonathan Sutherland and Amanda Lozano and PA and makeup assistant: Dixie Gillespie.

Find your friends and family in this montage of the faces of our crew. 

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