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​© 2014 by Endeavor PICs.

If anyone is missing. Contact me, it is probably because I did not have a still of you. Please send me one.

Supporting actors: Thomas R. Wingate, Anthony Leon Norris, Kristin Berg, Ryan Coleman, Jim Wade, Lon Adams Featuring: Elwood Hoyt, Julia Friedman, Tammi Clancy, Larry Gilmore, Steve Millam, Dan and Melissa, Bryan, Armando Lozano, Adrienne Coleman, Corrine Cook, Cici Landis, Jules Landis, Shawn Searson, Wyatt and Robin Buckley, Ella Frank, JP Labatut, Steve Alexandra, Fr. Daniel Jones. 

Thank you Alex Koshak for the great score!

Version of Blind Lemon Jefferson's "See that my grave is kept clean" on our home page is performed by

Daniel James Eaton accompainied by Alex Koshak and Grant Sabin. 

Cici Landis belts out a moving version of "Strange Fruit" acapello, just for us.

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